More Fitted Furniture

Where it is important to gain the maximum amount of storage space, built in furniture is often the best option. Really successful fitted furniture needs to pick up the architectural features of the room.

By matching existing mouldings and carefully balancing proportions Dan aims to create furniture which is in itself aesthetically pleasing whilst becoming effortlessly integrated into the house.

The true test of a piece is it looks like it has always been there.


This Built in Cabinet was created for a client in Cambridge.

Built using a combination of MDF and tulipwood this piece required that a matching skirting board be refitted across the base of the unit and a new plaster cornice be fitted at the top.

Mouldings on the cupboard doors match the mouldings found elsewhere in the house.


Built with an MDF carcase and solid tulipwood with cupboard doors of mortise and tenon construction, the success of this job depends on a sympathetic design that picks up the details of the existing woodwork in the house.

Copying the proportions and timber mouldings from the existing doors in this property perfectly intergrates this piece into its surroundings.

Kitchen Cabinet

This piece is built from MDF and was painted on site after installation.

It features cupboard doors on touch latches and there is wine bottle storage.

In the central section are four deep drawers on steel runners.

TV Cabinet

This floor to ceiling piece was built around the specific hi-fi components of the client.

The lower section has built in storage racks for DVDs and CDs.

The shelf the TV stands on has an aluminium strengthening section to increase rigidity.

The cupboards in the top section are on touch latches.