Free Standing Furniture

By commissioning a free standing piece of furniture you are getting a unique item that will last for generations. As each piece is made to the customer’s requirements it is a bespoke item that will develop its own character over time.

No other material has the visual and structural qualities of solid timber and Dan’s designs use minimal ornamentation, relying on elegant proportions and subtle mouldings to show the beauty of the wood.


White caldecote

This painted piece was built with both solid timber and MDF.

The doors in the lower section have a mortise and tenon frame and hang on solid brass butt hinges.

In the upper section there are solid shelves to carry the weight of the books and glass shelves in the centre section to display ornaments and make best use of the downlighters in the top of the cabinet.

Cherry Wood Desk

This large L shaped desk was designed to dismantle into small pieces.

This was necessary to get the desk into the attic room in was designed for. This piece is built from cherry with both solid and veneered sections used.

The veneered desk top is supported on a concealed steel frame.

The drawer handles were brought to this country by the client from the USA.

Oak Wardrobe

Built from a combination of solid oak and veneered MFD this wardrobe breaks down into smaller sections to allow it to be moved.

Solid brass hinges were used and the handles were hand turned. There is a mirror on the back of the central door.

Walnut Dining Table

This dining table has an ash frame with mortise and tenon construction and a dovetailed drawer.

The ash has been dyed black and the drawer has ebony cockbeading and hand turned handles.

The table top is made from solid American black walnut.

The table top is fixed to the frame in such a way as to allow a small amount movement to avoid stressing the frame.