Fitted Furniture

Dan's fitted furniture is carefully designed to fit seamlessly into any available space and to include any design features or practical requirements you might have.

Low Cupboard

This long, low cupboard was designed to hide all the wiring for the TV and also a gas meter in the corner of the room.

Corridor Bookcase with Desk

This build in piece forms one side of a short corridor, is has hinged desk lids in the centre section.

The deep cornice, machined in solid timber, sides a steel beam in the ceiling.

Black TV Cupboard

This fitted cupboard with shelving above was designed to hide the wiring for the TV.

To the right of the fireplace is a matching bookcase. A new piece of skirting board was made to match the existing profile to cover the gap between the cupboard and the mantle piece.

Double Fronted Cupboard

This double fronted cupboard spans two rooms that have been knocked through.

The same picture rail fitted in the room has been run across the new bookcases over the cupboards.